September 24, 2020

Coming Soon: Updates

A while ago, Audacity updated to a new version. Some of the filters I used to master my recordings changed and this affected the sound I was able to produce, made it inconsistent with previous recordings. Well, I finally figured out how to get it back the way it was, or at least found out how to master the file in the same way I was before.

As you may or may not know, I wrote a short book on how I use Audacity. So, with the recent updates to both the program and my knowledge of it, I will have to update that book I wrote. Which I fully intend to do in the near future. The book is free, so getting a new copy if you need one should not be a problem. You may have to delete the copy you have now from your system and account to get the updated copy.

The second update is to the podcast. I fully intend, in the near future, to continue my podcast, which is based on my zombie series. 2020 has been crazy, but I really need to get back in the saddle on a few things and the podcast is one of them.

Okay, then.

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