July 24, 2022


I’m not a big conspiracy guy, but I am a writer, so I go along if I think it would make a good story. Take this whole war in Ukraine thing. Bad news all around. My heart goes out to Ukraine and my middle finger to the ones acting the murderous bully.

But for story’s sake, what if that whole war was just a distraction? I don’t mean the war isn’t real, or the pain being inflicted isn’t genuine. I mean what if the world were run by the leaders of the major superpowers (which it kinda is) and things like the war in Ukraine were plays made by these world leaders or those controlling the world leaders?

That would make the war and things like it distractions meant to divert our attention (which is the definition of distraction, I guess) from what is really going on, what “they” don’t want us to see.

No idea, and have no way of knowing apart from being a big conspiracy guy, which I’m not.

But it would make for a good story.

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