April 10, 2021


Going through some of the books I have on writing. A refresher course, if you will. Reading some things on henchmen. I was reminded that henchmen often times are impervious to pain. The example of Mr. Joshua in Lethal Weapon One. Early on, we are shown that in fact he is impervious to pain. Who can forget the “cigarette lighter” scene.

Now, the thing is, later in the film Riggs is being tortured. He is being tortured with electric shock. Albeit, this is quite painful, certainly not more painful than being burned. Let’s call it equally as painful. And yet, we have this reaction from Mr. Joshua:

Don’t get me wrong. I love love love this movie. It is in my top five or six movies of all time. I am not even sure this is inconsistent writing, though it might be. I mean Mr. Joshua has nerve endings, but he has the strength of will to ignore pain, suppress it, which makes him formidable. That undoubtedly takes an act of the will, concentration, preparedness. When shocking Riggs, Mr. Joshua was caught off-guard by the jolt of pain, in contrast to the cigarette lighter scene.

But it is something to think about.

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