January 5, 2024

No Resolutions

So, here it is. The new year. The time when we tend to make “resolutions.” It’s a new start to the year, so why don’t we make a new start? Well, I ain’t really into that. What I am into is upping the ante on things I have already started. 

That means content creation. Chiefly, the content creation I am talking about is my writing, and my podcasting. 

So, without further adieu, here are not my resolutions, but my doubling down on what I resolved to do a long time ago. 

1.  New episodes of my podcast DEADLAND. It’s a spoken word audio story about a Zombie Apocalypse. Listen wherever you get your podcasts. 

2.  My audio book SEEING JOHNNY ROKKETS. Also about a Zombie Apocalypse, it involves a group of foster kids who travel through zombie infested miles to see their favorite rock star, who may or may not be alive. He is rumored to have “left the building” years ago. But if that’s true, then why won’t they let you upstairs at his home in Memphis?

3. New and ongoing episodes of FELLOWSHIP OF THE REEL, the last movie review podcast you will ever need. Continue to break down movies to the molecular level and achieve world domination as a result. One movie review podcast to rule them all. Get it wherever you get your podcasts. You know the drill. 

4.  Plan, outline, and write at least the first novel in a highly anticipated [by me] Urban Fantasy series. Emma Spaulding Paranormal Investigator. Monsters, Magic, and things that go bump in the night and other parts of the day are her stock and trade. 

I think that’s enough for 2024. Stick around to see if I get it done or crash and burn. Fingers crossed for getting it done. 



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