May 7, 2023

Talk Amongst Yourselves

So, this popped up as part of an update to my internet browser. It’s nothing too new. We’ve been hearing a lot about it lately. It is actually a sticking point in the Writer’s Guild strike that is happening right now. It is touted as a benefit to humanity. Words like “Effortless,” “Save valuable time,” and “the power of AI” are cast about. Well, I mean you can see them in the picture above.

The problem is of course, should the creative process be “effortless?” To save “valuable time” means the creative process isn’t “valuable?” What are creatives going to do with all that saved valuable time? Not create, I guess. Not be who they were meant to be? That just sounds stupid.

From where I sit, creating something from scratch as beautiful as a work of art, which writing most certainly is, should not be effortless. It should be a hard-won battle. One of my favorite quotes about writing is from Pressfield in his book, THE WAR OF ART.

“The hill is a son-of-a-bitch, but what’s a writer to do? Put one foot in front of the other and keep climbing.”

And this idea of saving valuable time? Some, if not most, of my time is deemed and made valuable by me putting my ass in the chair and writing the words, doing the work. I actually view time spent doing other things as less than valuable, like way less.

To me, AI is a cheat, a swindle, and an offering up of our souls as creatives to the lie that the process should be easy and quick so that I can get on to the really important things. Like what, selfies and more likes?

This is a bit of bitter humor now, but I am going to say it, cause maybe we are at the point it needs to be stated at the end of every piece of writing from here on out:

“This writing was written by a human being. No part of this was generated by AI”

That’s my thoughts. If others don’t have any thoughts on the matter, maybe AI can give them some. Then they will have plenty of valuable time to take a picture of what they are having for dinner.

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